advent calendar redo

i love advent calendars. my brother and i always had them when we were little as a nice little way to count down to christmas. so i had to get one for e this year... as if we need any extra treats in the prolifically sweet holiday season. 
i got the advent calendar from trader joes for 99 cents. what a deal! but the front... i usually am a huge fan of everything trader joes, but aesthetically, this left something to be desired. so i re-covered it. problem solved. 
i can only offer written instructions, as i did this in a hurry, but it is pretty self explanatory. besides, it is a little late in the game considering we are half way through december. but if it is going to hang on the wall for a month, it might as well be good looking. 

 first, open the box at the seams, and remove the tray of chocolates.

 brush the front of the calendar with glue, and lay a piece of patterned paper on the front. press down to adhere.

from the back or inside of the doors, recut through the paper on each door, following the shape previously cut through the cardboard. use an exacto knife.

insert the tray of chocolates and tape the box closed again.

wrap the edges of the paper around the box like a present, and glue down.

for the numbers, i used several fun fonts and printed them  in different sizes. i cut them out in a circles so they are cohesive.  i glued a number in each door, and voila... a new modern looking advent calendar that i can live with for a month!

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