make something!

make this reversible super cape.

i made this reversible cape for a super friend of e's. i used a men's striped shirting fabric and simple navy blue cotton with contrasting punches of orange.   

materials needed...

2 yards fabric... 1 yard each... different colors
scrap contrasting fabric
fusible webbing
sewing machine
2 colors of thread that match the 2 colors of fabric


1. lay out the two fabrics on top of each other. line up the cut edges.

2. cut out the cape shape. find the center point of the fabrics on the cut edge. cut a length of string from the center point of the fabric to the selvedge edge. hold one end of the string on the center point of the fabric, and rotate the other end of the string from one side of the selvedge to the opposite side, marking as you go. this will make a large half circle. 
3. use a bib as a template for the neck hole. place the bib opening on the center of the fabric where the string end was. mark a circular hole. 

4. cut out the large half circle and small neck circle making sure both fabrics stay together. you can pin them if you like.

5. iron the fusible webbing to the scrap fabric and cut out 2 symbols, one for each side.

6. iron on the symbols to the center of each side of the cape, about half way down.

7. taking each side of the cape separately, sew around the symbols with contrasting thread. i used a zig zag.

8. make the ties. cut a piece of fabric about 3 inches wide, and 18 inches long. iron in half longwise. sew with a straight stitch along the length of the fabric sewing each end closed. cut the tube in half and turn right side out.

9. pin the cape together. put both sides of the cape together with right sides in... symbols should be touching each other. pin around the edge of the half circle. pin the straight edges together. 

10. pin on the ties. slip each tie between the fabric at the neckline. pin the raw edge of the tie to the neckline where the snap would be on the bib... making sure the entire tie is between the two layers of the cape body. repeat on other side.

11. with a straight stitch, sew around entire cape and neckline leaving about 6 inches open to turn right side out.

12. turn the cape right side out.

13. iron all of the edges flat and stitch around the edges again. 

done! super!

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