make something!

make these vintage button earrings.
 i found some vintage buttons at the (amazing sacramento) flea market, and bought pairs of them to make earrings. (they don't even have to match!)
click below for full tutorial. 

materials needed: buttons, earring posts, wire snippers, two part epoxy or super glue. 
buy some earring posts like these above depending on the size of the back of your button.
clip off the loop on the back of the button (usually wire) with the wire snippers, making a place for the earring post. use a two part epoxy (works best) or super glue to adhere the earring post to the back of the button. sometimes it helps to scratch the surface of the earring post with the tip of a needle, or x-acto blade to help the glue stick to its shiny polished surface. wouldn't want to loose an earring and a button on the same day! let the glue dry or set up. 
the nice thing is that the buttons don't necessarily have to match, which makes it easier to find a vintage "pair"
 voila! easy stylish accessory, or a darling thoughtful gift.

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